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C-Racer Universal luggage rack for use only on our SCRSR-LR or SCRFSR-LR.

Universal aluminum luggage rack with 4 mounting points that can hold up to 5kg.

C Racer
Fabricant : C Racer
Référence : LRSR
Barcode : 5210119004379
Disponibilité : En Stock

High quality luggage rack from C-Racer company. Manufactured from industry-leading ABS plastic, this C-Racer luggage rack replaces your pillion passenger seat while providing a mount point for your luggage or anything you need to carry on for a trip. For use only on the SCRSR-LR or SCRFSR-LR. from C-Racer.


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détails du produit

Luggage rack LRSR

  • Material : ABS Plastic
  • SKU : LRSR
  • Aluminum luggage rack with 4 mounting points that can hold up to 5kg.

Who is C-Racer

C-Racer is a small, loyal, tight-knit team that works hard and plays even harder. Their vision in the motorcycle industry, gives them a sense of direction and it captures their aspiration of being the best in everything they do –and that is the basis for all they stand for as a company. C Racer team research before they make the first drafts of the product, then design and produce the molds that will incarnate the primary idea and give life to its final form, before they proceed to build it and distribute it to countries worldwide. They have a deep commitment to building long term relationships with the customers and their partners by pursuing their great passion for bikes This passion drives them to create truly unique, diverse parts that are distinctive in looks and design, all combining fit and aesthetics.


Design and Manufacturing

  • 3d measurement: They measure 3dimensional objects by using coordinates on a measuring machine for verification of a qualitative design through CAD comparison and dimensional analysis and they use them to create the final products.
  • Design: C-Racer Team designs 3dimensional models through 3D Freeform CAD design, upon which they mold their products.
  • Mold sculpting: C-Racer creates the molds and the original prototypes required for the production of products, through CNC machining.
  • Parts Production: Their product production is based on metal, plastic, aluminum or any other material that is required for their completion.
  • Upholstery: Leatherette Tailor made upholstery with high-density foam from their workbench for your ride!

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